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Hello guys,

This escort agency is a great place to find beautiful and discreet escorts. The booking process is simple and efficient and the girls are all very professional. I definitely recommend this agency for anyone looking for a great night out.


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Good evening , is Olga still in bb escort couldnt find her on the page

but sometimes they still available. https://www.bb-escort.de/

If she is not there anymore please someone give me contact to her.

I had an amazing time with her, but its still a while ago. So no wonder i dont find her anymore, but would be still great. Let’s see

But she is on of the best in bed . Super flexible and a lot of endurance. Like a horse

See you


Hey yes, Olga was available again i booked her.

So everything is fine. You can book her directly again. Everything easy.

But after i had 4 Hours with her she need maybe a break for a week who knows 🙂

We should be fast always because girls changing agencys

and also changing Citys sometimes. But okay, who want to eat the dame thing

every day? https://www.bb-escort.de/

Right, good day then

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